legislation, EU law, and permanent judicial practice, necessitating the use of external experts - accountants, appraisers, etc.
real challenge for the Office is when a contradiction or gap is discovered in the case law or in the struggle to unify conflicting jurisprudence. It is a pleasure when we learn from the court act that our reasons are fully accepted by the court, and the represented interest is protected.
high level of motivation leads not only to an increase in professionalism, but also conveys real dynamism to relatively static processes and increases the effectiveness of actions taken in the interest of the Trustee.
     Given a number of objective reasons, we were forced to engage in legislative activity, given the lawlessness of those who should be guided only by the law.
The  principles  of  the  Office  are  Confidentiality regarding our Clients and the information provided to us or known about them, and upholding the principle of the Rule of Law.
      The high marks given to the Law Office are often in the form of criticism, attacks, or in attempts at some kind of influence. On the other hand, solving cases from different fields of legal science necessitates the need to continuously increase the degree of professional qualification and narrow specialization.
      The depth of legal thought and the volume of knowledge is a fundamental factor in our effectiveness and serves as a prerequisite for the development of successful and legally supported third-party protection mechanisms.
      When settling a civil dispute out of court, we do not only aim to avoid possible future legal proceedings, but above all to achieve a better economic result.
      The high quality of the prepared documents and the characteristic and easily recognizable handwriting of the Office increasingly lead to quick and lasting solutions to disputes of a civil nature.
   The same cannot always be achieved solely with analysis from the legal side and together with our in-depth knowledge in the field of legal theory, national

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      The office was created by courtroom-proven litiga-tors and lawyers experienced in the pre-trial phase.
      Each member of the Team is obliged to constantly maintain his knowledge and skills at a high professional level.
      The office also has established external experts in various fields - economists, doctors, graphologists, etc.
     Our successes in the processes of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of our Trustees are proven and indisputable.